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A Level 2 | B-BBEE Post Production Service Company

Who We Are

TheWorkRoom Productions (Pty) Ltd, is a Cape Town based Level 2 B-BBEE post production service company. We provide an array of post production related services as well as training and development programme’s for post grad students and provide industry based workshops and masterclasses. We have a large SFX catalogue, which is growing continuously with additional libraries we have pinpointed as needed through industry research.

After extensive research and testing we have solidified a trusted African affiliates directory for talent, studios and other complimentary services. We aim to establish a network of location sound recordists who will be both vetted and facilitated through our educational platforms to provide optimal output and efficient workflow protocols from the production to post production phase.


Getting good quality audio is imperative for producing a high calibre commercials or film that audiences can not only hear properly, but engage with fully. All too often the sound isn’t thought of until there is an issue with it and unfortunately at that stage its very time-consuming and costly to correct. Fortunately, there are plenty of great sound recordists, designers and mixers out there who are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us.

Join us for 1-6 day courses, with leading industry professionals. Improve the quality of your recording, editing, mixing and sound design with our range of industry led masterclasses. Also, get discounts on software tools from the vendors the courses cover.

Lunch and refreshments are provided and are included in the course fees.





Cloths & Sponges Foley

This library is a collection of cloth and sponge sounds on various surfaces at varying degrees of wetness. It’s a collection of Foley sounds that we always seem to need, but often can’t find. Each track includes multiple movements and surfaces. The recordings are mono and unprocessed, so they sound natural and can be easily placed in your stereo field.


South African Sirens

This library is a compilation of South African Emergency Service sirens. It’s a collection of siren sounds from various distances and for various vehicles. There are mono and stereo versions, as well as processed options. South African Emergency Services use the same 3 sounds weather its an ambulance, police vehicle or fire truck. Combinations of each are used in different situations and are part of this library.


The Vuvuzela

This library is a compilation of the unique sounding horn, quintessential to South Africa and its culture, the Vuvuzela. It’s a collection of Vuvuzela sounds from various distances and varying intensities. There are mono and stereo versions, all recorded in isolation in order to be placed in any situation. Included are additional recordings with natural city reflections.


South African Interiors

This library is a myriad of uniquely South African interior ambiences.
Get true interior ambience sounds of South Africa in this authentic collection. The South African Interior ambiences sound effects library features recordings from places in and around Cape Town, hospital, airport, restaurant, various shopping centres, boxing gym, hotel lobby, residential interiors and many more.


Curtains & Blinds

This library is a collection of various curtains and blind sounds. For both curtains and blinds, we recorded various materials mounted in a number of ways for a diverse, well rounded selection of unique sounding effects for an often generalised household sound. Each track includes multiple movements. The recordings are mono and unprocessed, so they sound natural and can be easily placed in your stereo field.


South African Exteriors

This library is a myriad of uniquely South African exterior ambiences.
Get true exterior ambience sounds of South Africa in this authentic collection. The South African Exterior ambience sound effects library features recordings from places in and around Cape Town, beach, city, promenade, bus station, market, taxi rank, residential suburb, city rooftop, the CDB, train station, parking lot, primary school, residential areas and many more.

TWRSFX007 - South African Bars


South African Bars

This library is a South African bars ambience library. From quiet to busy walla with flavours of many South African vernacular languages in surround and stereo. The library also includes shouts and cheers and various other bar reactions.


Beer & Whiskey Commercials

Beer & Whiskey Commercials is a library we put together after finding ourselves designing a number of commercials that all shared a similar theme. This library is a good time saver when time isn’t on your side, but is also a great way to create a base to work off.


Modern Seating

Modern Seating is a library compiled of a variation of modern chairs found in the office or home. The idea is to fill the need for chairs which aren’t always on the verge of breaking or creaking in every direction. It’s a foley library of rolls, pickups and general movement in each type of chair or seat.



This library is a small collection of handwriting foley on paper. It’s a mix of scribbles, doodles writing and punctuation that will save you a lot of time when you need various writing movements and sounds.

South African Soccer Crowds


South African Soccer Crowds

South African Soccer ( Football ) crowds have a very unique sound.  This library contains various perspectives of crowds and their reactions recorded especially for this library at Cape Town stadium. From chanting, singing, clapping, whistles and vuvuzelas to reactions to goals, fouls and missed attempts.


Ball Bounces

This library is a collection of balls bouncing off different surfaces, inside and outside. We can generally find sports being played but not the clean sound of the ball used. We have included unique sounding balls such as a toddlers play ball and a Yoga ball for that really specific sound.


Packaging & Wrappers

This library contains a wide variety of modern day food packaging and wrappers. It is a variation of opening, closing, handling and tearing. This library is perfect for those close up shots of food products that require that very specific material to make it authentic.



This library is designed for instances when chewing apples is not what you are looking for. There are various types of food being chewed with an open and closed mouth. From soft and squishy, too hard and crunchy.



TWRSFX016 Crockery & Surfaces – EMPTY

This Crockery & Surfaces library is a collection of empty glasses, cups, bottles, mugs etc on wood, stone, metal and glass.

TWRSFX017 Condiments & Spices


TWRSFX017 Condiments & Spices

This Condiments & Spices library is a collection of spices being poured, sprinkled, crushed or ground. As well as many of your favourite condiments being squeezed or poured from different types of containers.


TWRSFX018 Crockery & Surfaces – FULL

This Crockery & Surfaces library is a collection of full glasses, cups, bottles, mugs etc on wood, stone, metal and glass.


TWRSFX019 Slow Motion – Commercial Pack Shot Sweeteners

Slow Motion was created to help streamline the process of tracking slow motion shots used in countless commercials to showcase different types of food and drink. From falling fruit to swirling liquid, these sounds will be a great addition to your sound design library.


TWRSFX020 Cricket

From cricket bats & balls to wickets, bails, bounces and pads. All the SFX needed to create a convincing cricket scene. We have also included “Junior” cricket sounds, the same sounds found in the normal cricket collection where the cricket ball is replaced by a tennis ball. All recorded Outside.


TWRSFX021 Sanitize

We have created a small library to help with the ongoing need for safety videos during this strange time in our lives. From hand sanitizer’s to spray bottles, we have compiled a library to cover all forms of day to day sanitizing.

TWRSFX022 - Real Everday Driving


TWRSFX022 Real Everyday Driving

A library for all those situations where high revs and speeding into a corner wont do. We created the library with run of the mill cars, driving around town, at the speed limit.

It’s a combination of manual and automatic cars with stop, start, accelerate, drive, coast, idle, brake, and turn.

TWRSFX023 - Human Presence In Quiet Rooms


TWRSFX023 Human Presence in Quiet Rooms

A small library of different size rooms with the presence of humans. This is perfect for courtrooms, churches, conferences and all other situations where the presence of humans needs to be felt but without any talking.



TWRSFX024 Champagne and Wine Commercials

A small library. Ideal for champagne and wine commercials, where slow motion pack shots and liquid pours are needed. The perfect library to have to speed up the sound design of your commercial.

TWRSFX025 - Animal Footsteps Foley


TWRSFX025 Animal Footsteps Foley

An 8 part foley library. Animal Foley footsteps ranging from paws with claws, paws without claws, insects, reptiles & rodents, crustaceans, hooves, arachnids and birds. A one stop shop for all your wildlife documentary needs.







Delivering voice artists to match any brief is a post production service that we have provided for years. Whether it’s a punchy tag line on a commercial or the lead character in an animated movie, we can assist. We have an extensive tested network of studios and talent agencies located in most major cities across the African continent.

We love a challenge and have casted in numerous African languages and accents, including dialects with very limited local talent pools.

Contact us should you require any assistance in sourcing African talent or setting up a long distance recording.


TheWorkRoom Production’s invests in the future by developing well rounded, experienced engineers and producers.
With hands on experience and mentoring we aim to grow engineers and producers who have graduated but do not have any in-field experience. The programme is a vocational educational and training platform that uses the theory learnt at tertiary institutions as well our written resources and combines it with practical experience graduates will learn within the studio environment.

The internship primarily focuses on the development of key skills needed within the post production sector and is structured in such a way so as to maximise learning opportunities for all  interns. In the long term it is hoped that such a transfer of skills will also improve the quality of engineers and producers in South Africa, contributing to transforming South Africa’s post production sector.


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Sound of Hacksaw Ridge

Sound of La La Land

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