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Who We Are

We’re very proud to announce the launch of
TheWorkRoom Productions (Pty) Ltd, a Cape Town based Level 2, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) audio post production company. This achievement marks a significant milestone in our transformation journey.

Our studios are equipped to handle the most sophisticated audio productions, and our team of engineers, sound designers, composers and voice directors are all respected professionals. We are experienced in everything from simple voiceovers to complex feature sound design, as well as bespoke music composition and sound production. TheWorkRoom currently has four studios. All suites provide the latest in Pro Tools HDX systems with ISDN, Source Connect Pro Extended and phone patch facilities.



TheWorkRoom’s world-class recording studio facilities deliver audio production, creative sound design and studio direction for TV, cinema & radio advertising; TV programmes & film. Our award winning sound editors offer a depth of expertise in all aspects of sound recording, mixing formats from 5.1 to Dolby Atmos™, sound design, ADR, Foley recording, and Dolby™ encoding.


TheWorkRoom is the premier ADR studio in South Africa. Our stages are equipped to handle local, ISDN or Source Connect ADR sessions. We provide a choice of audio and visual cueing systems, support all time codes and video formats as well as provide the widest range of boom and lavalier microphones available. We support all major spotting platforms reducing required setup times.


Experienced loop groups and loop group leaders speaking English, Afrikaans, all South African vernaculars as well as other African and several foreign languages are available through our production team. Loop group rates in South Africa compare favourably to the rest of the world.


Our studios are fully equipped to record audio to or from almost anywhere in the world via ISDN or Source Connect Pro Extended. We support all major ISDN codec’s, including APT, Telos and Dolby Fax, as well as ipDTL, Skype or regular phone patches. Our studios support timecode locked multi channel link-ups up to 7.1. We have an extensive tested network of suitable studio partners available from our Partner Directory. Contact us should you require any assistance in setting up a long distance recording.


Delivering the right voiceover is a postproduction service that TheWorkRoom has been successfully providing clients for years. Whether it’s the end line on a commercial or the lead character in an animated movie, we can assist. Our database provides over 12 000 local and international voice over artists. Dialect, language supervision and translation services are provided in English, most foreign languages and vernacular.


TheWorkRoom provides custom sound effects design and location recording services for film, television, 360, VR and Binaural productions. Our ability to service a feature film from location recording through audio-post to the final theatrical mix, has become recognised as one of our most-valued selling points.


We employ the world’s premier tool sets for restoring and repairing audio or historical recordings. Our processes isolate and eliminate audio artifacts like tape hiss, scratches, clicks, crackles and hums as well as unwanted production elements like wind, microphone bumps, brushes and extraneous noises without compromising the original content. We also provide forensic audio restoration services to enhance audio from poorly recorded sources such as mobile phones, or tapes for use in litigation, hearings or mediation.


Our post production team comes with over 25 years of experience in sourcing and recording music for film, media and advertising. Our studios specialise in music supervision (music search & license) and bespoke music composition.


TheWorkRoom is equipped to provide high-speed data transfer facilities through industry approved security transfer protocols with servers located within South Africa and internationally. Efficient data transfer allows us to dramatically improve postproduction workflows and the feasibility of multi-facility, multi-time zone projects.


TWRSFX001 – Cloths & Sponges Foley

This library is a collection of cloth and sponge sounds on various surfaces at varying degrees of wetness. It’s a collection of Foley sounds that we always seem to need, but often can’t find. Each track includes multiple movements and surfaces. The recordings are mono and unprocessed, so they sound natural and can be easily placed in your stereo field.

TWRSFX002 – South African Sirens

This library is a compilation of South African Emergency Service sirens. It’s a collection of siren sounds from various distances and for various vehicles. There are mono and stereo versions, as well as processed options. South African Emergency Services use the same 3 sounds weather its an ambulance, police vehicle or fire truck. Combinations of each are used in different situations and are part of this library.

TWRSFX003 – The Vuvuzela

This library is a compilation of the unique sounding horn, quintessential to South Africa and its culture, the Vuvuzela. It’s a collection of Vuvuzela sounds from various distances and varying intensities. There are mono and stereo versions, all recorded in isolation in order to be placed in any situation. Included are additional recordings with natural city reflections.

TWRSFX004 – South African Interiors

This library is a myriad of uniquely South African interior ambiences.
Get true interior ambience sounds of South Africa in this authentic collection. The South African Interior ambiences sound effects library features recordings from places in and around Cape Town, hospital, airport, restaurant, various shopping centres, boxing gym, hotel lobby, residential interiors and many more. (COMING SOON)


TWRSFX005 – Curtains & Blinds

This library is a collection of various curtains and blind sounds. For both curtains and blinds, we recorded various materials mounted in a number of ways for a diverse, well rounded selection of unique sounding effects for an often generalised household sound. Each track includes multiple movements. The recordings are mono and unprocessed, so they sound natural and can be easily placed in your stereo field.


TWRSFX006 – South African Exteriors

This library is a myriad of uniquely South African exterior ambiences.
Get true exterior ambience sounds of South Africa in this authentic collection. The South African Exterior ambience sound effects library features recordings from places in and around Cape Town, beach, city, promenade, bus station, market, taxi rank, residential suburb, city rooftop, the CDB, train station, parking lot, primary school, residential areas and many more.


TWRSFX008 – Beer & Whiskey Commercials

Beer & Whiskey Commercials is a library we put together after finding ourselves designing a number of commercials that all shared a similar theme. This library is a good time saver when time isn’t on your side, but is also a great way to create a base to work off.



TWRSFX009 – Modern Seating

Modern Seating is a library compiled of a variation of modern chairs found in the office or home. The idea is to fill the need for chairs which aren’t always on the verge of breaking or creaking in every direction. It’s a foley library of rolls, pickups and general movement in each type of chair or seat.


TWRSFX010 – Handwriting

This library is a small collection of handwriting foley on paper. It’s a mix of scribbles, doodles writing and punctuation that will save you a lot of time when you need various writing movements and sounds.



TWRSFX012 – Ball Bounces

This library is a collection of balls bouncing off different surfaces, inside and outside. We can generally find sports being played but not the clean sound of the ball used. We have included unique sounding balls such as a toddlers play ball and a Yoga ball for that really specific sound.



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